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the dave of guy (just some dude) ([personal profile] parodeity) wrote2017-01-24 04:22 pm

regain registry;

john egbert can't babysit x 03/03
dave: land x to x x 08/24
neither can bro strider x 06/01
train the ninja child x to x x 06/01
tg: hey at least he actually wants to hang out with you (full story) x 08/22 (august 2017 freebie)
dave: answer (to im gonna shut off my phone now cya) x 05/01
dear dave x 03/17 (march 2017 freebie)
tg: hey so what sort of insane loot did you rake in today x 07/09
tg: whats your modus x 09/01
tg: hope you like hammers dude! x 10/03
tg: jesus get a fucking pen x 07/04
dave: give john a dumb bunny x 09/23
tg: sir im afraid the comet is the size of your moms dick x 08/18
tg: hey bro check it out im working on some new rhymes x 09/11
tg: if kangaroo rat yiff twice plz x 05/12
dave: bleat like a goat x to x x 05/02
dave: freak out about juice damnit egbert x to x x 07/20
tg: well yeah isnt it always with family x 03/06
stop: no one can ever know x to x x 03/02
tg: of course there are monsters in your house 06/03 (june 2017 freebie)
dave: dick around in living room x to x x 07/01
tg: no problems with them or anything x 10/03
tg: i think he might have been right about the puppets x to x 10/03 (oct. 2017 freebie)
dave: set blender to "mix" x to x x 02/03 (delay: 02/15)
dave: open refrigerator x 02/04 (delay: 03/06)
hello dave x to x x 02/04 (delay: 03/03)
[s] dave: strife x 05/13
[s] dave: abscond x 03/15 (delay: 04/01)
tg: i should probably text him soon x to x x 08/24
tg: this is the worst shitting thing ive ever seen x to x x 10/03
dave: contemplate revenge on john x to x x 07/06
tg: just kind of swat the air to your left x to x x 09/01
tg: im building up your house x to x x 06/01
tg: ok its me from the future x to x x 09/12
tg: did you blast off like a spazzy douche yet or what x 09/12
TT: Can you take a capture of my bedroom and send me the file? x 09/01
thats whats cool about you x 07/07 (delay: 08/03)
tg: cause i wouldnt give a shit x 09/03
dave: combine brain and sbahj drawing and captcharoid camera x 03/03 (delay: 04/01)
tg: whoa why are you burning your wizard fanfiction x to x x 07/08
anyway guess ill go back down and burn that book x to x x 06/04
[s] rose and dave: shut up and jam to x x 04/01
dave: watch john fuck around x to x x 10/13
[s] descend x 02/03 (sept. 2017 freebie)
be the awesome coolkid x 02/03 (feb. 2017 freebie)
tg: what the fuck was the point of this again x to x (thumbs up) x 05/17
dave: answer karkat & respond to memo with john x 03/06
tg: what do you think they buy shit its fucking money x 05/26
dave: make a goddamn killing in the lohacse x to x x 05/26
tg: bow down before your new king bitch x to x x 07/17
apparently im about to fall asleep x to x x 05/06
[s] jade: wake up x 07/03
dave: briefly cut into the jade & karkat fiasco x 03/06
[s] jade: strife!!!!!!!!!!!! x x 06/24
tg: welcome to the medium finally i guess x to x x x 08/17
tg: ill be over here paving the way for your elaborate dream suicide x to x x x 08/17
[s] john: rise up x 05/03 (may freebie 2017)
consider pestering terezi (2 pages) x 02/12
dave: pester terezi to x x 05/26
shit. lets be santa to x x 04/01
tg: this is a dave out there whats up x 07/24
dave: answer (lowas) x to x x 05/05
dave: collect frogs and fight jack x to x x 08/22
deudly firearms x 02/11 (delay: 02/13)
tg: heres one for you to x x 02/03
tg: knocking me out so you can steal the suicide mission x to x x 10/21
tg: but i dont want you to die x to x x 07/06 (july bingo #3)
[s] cascade: quest bed to death x 05/16
[s] cascade: going godtier (appearing in front of the sun with rose only) x 03/15
[s] cascade x 10/08
dave: reap spoils x to x x 07/04
oh my god we are never going to stop fucking with each other are we x to x x 08/03
dave: watch karkat flip about the bucket x to x x 09/12
what is he the mayor of anyway x to x x 05/06
off the shit is how x to x x 10/13
what the fuck are our purposes x to x x 06/09
oh shit grandpa egbert juniordad totally snapped x to x x 02/13
dave: watch brother abscond x to x x 07/03
everyone stupidly insists on calling me dave though x 05/17
but it wasnt the shades turned out it was space itself that cracked x 07/06 (july bingo #1)
you want to "be me"? x 08/13
beverages what kind of beverages x 08/10
this awkwardly quiet ghost troll as my witness x 09/01
dont be disingenuous word girl you know what im saying x 07/06 (july bingo #2)
im not caressing your dream hologram x 05/01
man dont put me on speaker crab x to x x 06/01
[s] act 6 intermission 5 x 09/01
tg: what the hell happened to john x 08/03
this doesnt even seem like my room anymore x to x x 07/04
john no stop turning into wind you fickle idiot x to x x 07/30
i didnt take your lousy egg x to x x 06/13
dave: bicker with jade about sashes x 03/15
dave: answer maybe davesprite? x 03/06
thats time travel genius x to x x 05/17 (delay: 07/06)
[s] game over x 10/05
[s] terezi: remember x 07/03
dave: play hopscotch x 07/04
dave: play fiduspawn x 08/17
hes really here isnt he x to x x 09/01
im just going to jump right into the fuckin frying pan here x 05/17
rose we dont have fuckin "arcs" we are just human beings x 05/04
things are getting pretty lalonde heavy over there x to x x 06/13
not soon enough is my best guess x to x x 06/13
you dont say x to x x 06/01
ok actually maybe i will get into it x to x x 06/04
jade go the fuck back to sleep x to x x 04/08
[s] collide: revive your dumbass brother x to x x 02/13
[s] collide: you're going to have to x 05/03
[s] act 7 (cuts off pre john and roxy walking) x 08/22
+5000 x 05/17
dave: slice pinata x 07/04
bro check it out x 06/03
dave: engage trickster mode x 02/03
lore: crude ogre x 02/13
lore: they wait for he who would drop it like it's hot x 05/01
lore: classpects x 05/04
lore: just or heroic x 05/16
lore: sburb portals locations & use x 05/26
fact: john egbert is hella allergic to nuts x 05/04
notes: isnt he like an old man now x 09/01
flashstep x 03/02
sylladex (10 cards) x 04/02
+ 40 cards x 07/06
strife specibus (bladekind & 1/2 bladekind) x 04/02
divinity/flight/spacebreathing x 06/01
an exact sense of time x 05/04
time travel lvl 1 (stable, 1 hour back) x 05/17
time travel lvl 2 (stable, 1 hour forward) 06/20
time travel lvl 3 (stable, 1 week back/fwd) 07/17
time freeze lvl 1 (5 minutes) x 06/04
time bubble lvl 1 x 06/01
swordfighting x 03/15
ben stiller shades x 03/01
caledfwlch x 04/02
timetables x 05/17
sord... x 05/20
sbahj archives x 05/17
pesterchum x 06/05
john's bday letter x 06/05
terezi's edits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 x 06/10
freshjamz + music x 07/06
hephaestus web browser x 07/06
sburb walkthrough x 07/06
comic for terezi x 07/06
dsprite sbahj comic x 07/06
signed ben stiller pic & certificate of authenticity x 07/08
brain captcharoid x 10/03
foam fetal mr. t x 10/03
bro's comic x 10/03
record tee + heart tee x 10/03
godtier clothes x 10/14
anime red eyes x 03/02
physique x 05/11
scars x 07/03