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[ so, dave promised to teach emily some fighting moves + how to climb onto a roof.

this involves, so far, having handed her a scalpel and started showing her how to stab people? he did also probably show her how to throw a good punch. so uh... ]

...Kinda like that. You have to be real careful not to cut yourself, got it?
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[Will Dave regret teaching a ten year old girl how to fight, climb a roof? Giving her a scalpel? Probably.

But she's excited because Corvo was always too nervous about teaching her these kinds of things in great detail. Since she's ten, you know. And a girl. AND HEIR TO A KINGDOM.]

Corvo has a sword that folds in half. It doesn't have a sheath, so he folds it, and then he puts it away. [She looks over the scalpel, knowing it only because of Sokolov.] This is what they use on sick people, right?

The physicians.
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[Um. A lil holster for a lil scalpel? Heck yeah. She grins gently at Dave, then swipes out of the way with the medical blade. Hopefully she won't have to use it on anyone else.] Okay.

So on the face or the stomach. I know I'm supposed to run, but... I really want to fight them. So then they'll be surprised they got beaten by a girl.

Is your friend Rose a good fighter too?
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[Rose sounds awesome??? EMILY'S IDOL. She looks absolutely enthralled by the description.] She sounds like someone I would very much like to meet. In Dunwall, I think it would be good to have a friend like Rose.

[Both of her brows go up exponentially.] Really? Yes! I would like to see her. Maybe I'll ask the Innkeeper for a picture of Corvo. [Her mom, sure... but she has plenty of Mother pictures at the Tower because "Empress" and official portraits.]
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[Excited, she lifts herself somewhat on her toes even if she doesn't need to in an attempt to see the picture even before Dave can lower it down.] She looks a lot like you. She's very pretty. [Does that mean Dave is then also pretty? Probably.]

I think she would always call you her brother. Just like... [She looks up a moment.] Can I tell you a secret?
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[She smiles a little, and her voice lowers some anyway.]

Corvo is my father.

And I don't know if he did any bad things while we were at the Hound Pits, but... if he did a little, he would still be my father.
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I know you would do your best. If something bad happens, I know you wouldn't have wanted it that way.

[She nods, ready for the climbing, but she reaches out to hold Dave by the arm a moment.] If I have to do something bad... I don't want to get in trouble. Because people die in not nice ways. Like Hana. And Kamui.

So will you... help me be a ghost with the other people? Sometimes, I don't feel well here. I don't want to do bad things, but... sometimes, I think I might do bad things. Like the other people who did bad things, like kill people.
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Okay. I think you're a good person. Because you talked nicely about Rose, and people who aren't nice don't talk nicely about anyone. That's how everyone in Dunwall was. They don't talk nice about anything, and that's how you know they're not nice on the inside.

I don't want you to do a bad thing to me, but... It would be better if you did a bad thing to me so I don't have to get in trouble.

I think I can still help even if I'm a ghost. Maybe I'm supposed to be a ghost.
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I don't know. [She frowns in a unsure sort of way.] I will keep trying to talk to the ghost people. But Jason didn't know things.

And... what if the others don't know things either?
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[Dave, you're the Chosen One.]

Okay. [She offers his arm a small squeeze, then lowers her hand.] I'll tell you. When I'm ready. If I have to become a ghost.

But for now, you promised that you'd teach me how to climb.
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Okay. I think I can do that.

[RIP Dave for when she falls and crushes you beneath her.]

What do I do if there's no "hand holds"?