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[ well, last week was a week. this week is already a week. but dave shows up for lunch with velvet like clockwork, maybe a little quieter than usual (that's been happening since last week) but not making her track him down like she once told him she would do. ]

Hey. How're you doin'? [ paranoia and lack of trust is a thing apparently but he doesn't show any signs of being any different. he's been having those issues for weeks, and it's only monday. ]
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[Aren't paranoia and hallucinations just like normal things outside of this inn? That's what Velvet thinks at least, and while those haven't affected her too much considering all that, there is something bothering her. She barely trusted anyone before this week, and even still, she hears the voices of those she's devoured in her dreams. Weird itchy under the skin thing? Definitely new. Despite being a little more on edge than usual, she puts all her focus into the food. Today's dish is Mabo Curry, or what she imagines it tastes like.

As she finishes plating the meal, she looks to Dave.]

The same as ever, I guess. You? Are your injuries healing alright?
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she will avenge him

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[Those eyes... Even among daemons, she's never seen anything quite like it. Her fists clench without her realizing it.]

They did this to you?! Why? Is this another part of their game?

[Her expression turns to a frown as she considers their earlier conversation about like... becoming a daemon.]

You've got the right idea hiding it. Someone might think you're somehow involved with those in charge or that you might kill them or... who knows.
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Yeah... Have you tried asking Craftly about it? Or seeing if the clinic or the garden have anything that might treat it? I don't... I don't really know where you'd start with something like that, but-

[It's worth a try? What is she even saying...]

... When I return, I won't have much time left either. I won't be slaughtered, but- even if I kill Artorius, the world will be out of balance. Innominat will be untethered and I... If I kill him, I'll die, so will my brother, so will Kamoana and Medissa and... I know you don't know any of them, and what happens to my world probably doesn't matter to you, but if I give my life... they'll be able to keep living. The world will continue to turn and I'm sure villages will celebrate the demise of the Lord of Calamity. I... I haven't told anyone yet.

I probably wasn't supposed to live this long anyways.

But I did. And so did you. And I'm... I'm glad for that.
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[For Velvet, she's never thought about it as throwing it away for the universe. It might be, but her choice has always been selfish. She wants to live by making her own choices, and she wants Phi to have that opportunity too. She's no Shepherd fighting for all of humanity, just for those she loves.]

... That means a lot to me. You really remind me of my younger brother, honestly. He knew he was going to die too... he was really sick. But he'd always push himself each day to keep going. I always got so mad at him... And my brother, he wanted his life to mean something. More than I do. He gave everything for the world... But he never got to truly live in it. I ended up living his dream, in a way.

[There's a softness to Velvet's tone that's unlike anything else. She's not necessarily sad as she reminisces, and there's a small smile on her face. Although she's talking about Laphi, her feelings are directed towards Dave as well.]

He might have been a Knight like you. But I'm a Lord. A Lord isn't as selfless as a knight... they do as they please, ignoring the wishes of everyone else. Still, they have to face their responsibilities one day, for themselves and for those who serve them.
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I won't say you're welcome since that doesn't feel right... So thank you.

[She smiles brightly, with the kind of smile that belongs to a kind older sister rather than a therion. Velvet's far from the girl she once was, but this is the probably the closest Dave or anyone here will get to see.]

I don't feel like I did anything particularly remarkable, but... despite everything, you still see me as a person. Thank you, Dave.

[A thought suddenly hits her!]

Oh... do you have any um, nicknames you like going by? Dave's a pretty short name, so my first thought was Davey, but that sounds kinda silly... I guess, just Dave is fine, huh...
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[She says, trying it out.]

Davey. Does that sound alright? I won't... um, say it in front of anyone. I'm sure that'd embarrass you, after all...
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Well, isn't it childish? That's how Laphi felt anyways...

[Phi too, but it's too difficult to explain her two brothers named Laphicet thing.]

But Velvet is fine. Big sister seems a little much, and my brothers really never called me that either.
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You're a little older than him, so I thought you might be more stubborn about it honestly. Guess I was wrong.

[When she was a younger teenager, she hated being called young so she could understand some of Laphi and Phi's distress. Still, she had to grow up pretty quickly...]

Sis is... it's nice. Maybe just when we're alone, though.
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Yeah. I am.

[There's a pause as she thinks of something else amidst this very sweet moment.]

What would you do... if you didn't have to return to your world? I don't mean staying here forever, but...
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If they were able to bring us here, it's possible you wouldn't have to return. That's what I'm wondering...

If you came to my world, your life wouldn't be easy, but you'd be able to live. I'm sure Phi would like having someone his age around too and... Sorry, this probably sounds so stupid coming from someone like me.
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That's what I thought...

[She huffs, and although she's not going to scold him on the existing thing it's clearly an angry huff. It's only okay for her to stop existing.]

The village we're stationed in right now is called Meirchio. It's covered in snow, but it's known for its hot springs. We scared all the villagers away so you'd have the place to yourself. Well, along with a bunch of pirates. I won't be there for much longer... like I told you before. But there'd be others, of course. And I guess you could become a pirate if you really wanted to.
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[Well, helping her out in the battle definitely isn't going to happen, but he doesn't need to know that now.]

You can have whatever Gald I leave behind too. There's a witch who might try to swindle you out of it, though, so just don't listen to anything she says. That's... pretty good advice for dealing with her on a regular basis, actually.

I'll do my best to create a world you can live in. Not just exist.