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[ as promised last week but never gotten around to, this time dave goes off directly after lunch to the diner with violet baudelaire.

he's still just as weirdly quiet as he has been of late, as he fiddles with the jukebox to try to pick a tune, but he does say: ]

Did you ever get that picture, by the way?
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[ hopefully dave doesn't pick the meme song on kazoo.

violet is wearing one of her nicer dresses but. most of her clothes are nice so it might not seem that odd?? ]

Oh! Yes, I did. [ she'll pull the photograph out of her pocket to show to him. it displays a 12yo boy and a baby and there is apparently nothing odd about it. ] Did you get one of your sister?
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[ i like how you felt the need to link me a pic when i thought eh lucy knows what klaus and sunny look like. ]

Wow, you guys look a lot alike. [ they also both look a lot like dirk but ] What do you mean? Unless you've committed a murder and haven't told me, all you've done is be brave. And reckless, but mostly brave.
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I... suppose that makes sense. What sort of person did you hope you'd be? [ rose looks like a nice kid too. ] I don't think I have? Besides that I won't eat ice cream after an execution. I don't know if I've really thought about it.
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Well, for what it's worth I think you're a good person. You've helped me, and Clementine, and Emily, at least that I know about. If you're not a good person, I don't know if I know anyone here who is.

[ she will hand back the rose picture as well. ]

Klaus loves to read, and learn all about different topics. Before our house burned down, we had a huge library. Sunny loves to bite things, especially hard things. She debarked trees at the lumber mill all by herself. She can't talk yet, but Klaus and I usually know what she means when she babbles. What about Rose?
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Wow, she sounds really interesting. I suppose it's unlikely I'll ever get to meet her, but if I could I would like to.

[ listen asoue kids don't have as many interests as homestucks. they get 1. violet slips the picture of her siblings back into her pocket as well. ]

Do you not share a mom? Or, wait, is that more of that uh... strange game mechanics you were telling me about?
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That must have sucked. [ slang!! ] I couldn't imagine growing up somewhere different than my siblings. Um, except for right now.

Was "pre-scratch" Dirk a lot different from the Dirk here? I mean, I've kind of assumed, but.
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Oh. Well I suppose that's not so bad, then? Sort of. Or at least you found each other.

[ violet clearly knows what computers are thanks to a one-off joke by count olaf/nph. ]

I suppose he would be, since it sounds like he had a different upbringing. Where he says he idolized the other you. [ cough cough you're a good person dave ]
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[ EYEBROW RAISE TO THE MOON but she doesn't say or ask the obvious "why do you think that, dave,," ]

... You know, you both seem to put yourselves done a lot. [ ok and then ] What makes you think you'd have screwed him up as his guardian? I've known a bad guardian or two, you don't seem like you'd be one.
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You... what?

[ she feels she must be missing something here because what?? she's Confused. it sounds like bullshit but firstly, WHY. ]

I'm sorry, I don't understand. Fucked up means messed up, right?
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[ squints ]

I'm not sure I can disagree with stupid, but terrible? Really? What did you do, murder your Bro? Steal something from him? Burn his house down? Kill whoever he loved? You can't just say you messed up and not tell me what you actually did.
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ftr youre the worst, gestures at daves dead body

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[ opens mouth, mouth stays open. she sort of does a half step back, full step forward. she kind of wants to place a hand on his shoulder, but. ]

You can't... make people hate you. That's their choice. Why do you think he hates you? [ oh shit was dave's bro NOT a saint??? ... oh no she fucked up here didn't she ] And wait, I thought he was the one raising you? That's... that's like me saying I made Count Olaf who he is, for daring to have parents that left me an inheritance, for my parents dying in a house-fire.
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[ places her hands on his shoulders, in a sort of gentle grip. hopefully a stupid song is playing in the bg rn. ]

Dave. Listen to me, for once. If your brother hated you, that is not your fault. That just means he's a huge jerk and doesn't deserve you. [ things to figure out later: why bro sucks when dirk is so caring. ] You are the best person that I know here. A reckless idiot with no sense of self-preservation, but still the best. And I don't know what to say to make you realize that, but... just try to believe me? Believe me, because I believe in you.

[ lowkey wishes dave's sister and her like of psychology was here rn ]

And personally, I like to think I'm a great judge of character.
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[ that is significantly less stupid than expected. ]

I think the only person you've tricked is yourself. And Dirk blames himself for you not trusting him, so I guess you're both being ridiculous. But I don't think it's irrational to have reservations against someone that hates you usually. If Count Olaf were here and trying to be nice and buddy like, I wouldn't trust him either.

[ DAVE IS DUMB this is dumb but. welp. she will just remind him he's being ridiculous until he knocks it off. ]

Well, I don't regret it. Trusting you, that is. For whatever it's worth. I think your plans haven't been that bad, either, minus the ones where you get hurt, of course.
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You're worth a lot, Dave. I hope you can realize that, eventually. [ but she'll give up the argument since they have plenty of time for her him to show him his worth, because they'll both be alive for weeks to come at least. obviously. ]

I do worry, but it's because you're my friend. That's what friends do. I wouldn't have to worry so much if you took fewer risks, though. [ almost a hint of a smile. ]
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[ see if he said that violet would point out that he's underestimating her character judgment. so screw you, dave.

violet removes her hands, and takes a step back. ]

You're more than a key. I think a lot of people would be upset if you were gone, myself included.
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You're right, that is dumb.

[ but ok let's move on. ]

Somewhat? I can do a box-step, I think. [ she probably knows either lite ballroom dancing or how to jive who can fucking say ]
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[ she's glad he doesn't expect to waltz to rap.

violet does actually smile now. she gives a small curtsy, before taking dave's hand. ]

Why, I would be delighted to, Sir Strider.
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[ this is fine they're young teens this is what young teens do, in diners in horror towns. she will do her best to keep up with him, also taking lessons from movies. presumably different ones. ]

I'll make a note of it. Not a literal one, obviously, but. That'd be a handy person to have on our side.

[ at this rate she half expects dave to learn Everyone's role first. ]

A-- why was there a cat poster? To show that someone had copied you?

[ dave oh my god. how are your pants not constantly aflame. ]
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Oh, that's. Not subtle. Okay, that's probably good.

[ she will spin! her blue skirt twirls around her, her dark hair flying up just slightly. she'll only spin once before returning her hand to his shoulder. ]

But you're going to be careful, right? A letter... that makes it sound really final, you know.
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[ it's not a bad way to have a conversation, probably. better than standing there tensely. ]

Sure you are. [ sarcasm. ] No, it's not a bad idea, if you want to? I'd just prefer nothing bad happen to you, instead, if that makes sense?
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[ if he's not she'll frown at him!! ]

Hmm, gee, that sure sounds like something a good person would say. [ SHE'S JUST SAYING ] Okay, sure, go ahead. I'll be right over here.

[ she will just... stand here, as he does that. ]
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[ violet, standing near the jukebox, waiting: he's writing something stupid, isn't he.

but she takes it, eyebrows raising at the title on the front. she'll gently tuck it into the pocket with her siblings' picture, safe and sound. ]

That sounds good. I'm sure we could make a fire even without matches. It'll be fun.
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[ too late too take it back now. ]

That's not quite what I thought, but sure. We can be boy scouts. That's probably easier than making a striker and our own matchsticks.
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Hm, well.

[ she almost ties up her hair but instead her hands just twitch. she is not building this for real. right now, anyway. ]

Matches are just wood or stiff paper, and the end is just something that can be ignited. I'm not entirely sure what they're supposed to be made of, but it'd just have to be something that can create flame when struck against the striking surface. It's all about the friction, I think? They're probably coated in phosphorus or something, but I would think we could make something that works... Or I wonder if we could ask for the phosphorus if we could find the wood or paper ourselves...

Um. Rubbing sticks together is definitely easier, though.